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TechRon Limited (TECHRON) is an ICT company registered in Kenya with the aim of addressing emerging challenges in adoption and utilization of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for competitive operations, increased productivity and sustainable development.

Products & Services

Consolidated ICT services
Support Services
Advanced Solutions
Computer Hardware
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Business Approach


TechRon is committed to enabling customers to understand the range of ICT solutions for their business environment in order to make informed choices.


TechRon maintains a network of expertise and resources to support single businesses, SMEs, Corporates and Government Enterprises to adopt, implement, and utilize appropriate ICTs to address their business and development environment.

Great Customer Support

TechRon supports establishments, institutions and their stakeholders to review their existing systems with a view to improve their functionalities, performance, data protection and related securities.

Affordable Pricing

TechRon recognizes the importance of competitive advantage in the business and ICT industry with rapidly changing technologies, new innovations and product evolving industry standards, price and cost reduction. performance, data protection and related securities.

Globally Recognized Technologies

We support a wide range of globally recognized technologies. These products and services have the potential to improve learning, business, social and economic development. All products have been developed, tested and certified according to recognized international standards.

Network Solutions

Our solutions are geared towards E-business, E-commerce, E-health, E-learning and E-government.


It is well noted that ICTs and related networks have evolved with considerable security challenges. Accordingly,we incorporate security solutions to support ICT infrastructure, related networks, systems and applications.


We develop and support electronic network solutions through technological infrastructure: hardware, generic applications and specific software solutions.


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